Valerie Leloup

Board of Directors

Valerie was born and raised in France and has a background in business and education. She worked 10 years in procurement for a leading multinational consumer goods company, in Germany and Canada, before taking a break from the business world and working as a high school teacher for Ottawa’s public school board. In 2016, she embarked on an entrepreneurial journey to provide a business solution to the problem of excessive waste creation and launched NU Grocery - Ontario’s first zero waste grocery store. With her team at NU, she’s on a mission to eliminate waste and offer an alternative to today's hyper consumerist model.

Valerie spent her childhood living in the midst of France's second largest forest - the majestic forêt de Fontainebleau - and developed an early appreciation for the beauty and riches of the natural world. As a regular political campaign volunteer, she supports candidates with a strong commitment to climate action and environmental leadership. She is a long time fan and supporter of Ecology Ottawa's work, and excited to contribute to its mission from within.

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