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A well-designed city that protects its vulnerable areas is a healthier city. One goal of sustainable development is the reduction of urban sprawl and associated consequences which include expensive and inaccessible transit, high greenhouse gas emissions due to car-dependency, budgets skewed in favour of road development and incomplete communities that contribute to social isolation, obesity and other health issues. Acting to protect natural greenspaces can help address many of the root causes of the environmental crisis and related problems that plague cities across the globe.

Some of these solutions include:

  • Stronger by-laws to protect trees and greenspace
  • New standard for community design including minimum density and transit connectivity requirements
  • Enforced standards for the protection of species at risk
  • Enforced standards for development in sensitive areas
  • Prevention of new roads and road widening projects in sensitive areas
  • Greater transparency in the city’s development process
  • Unsustainable development practices are common in cities across the world, and it is our hope that Ottawa can serve as an example of a city that adopts sustainable development practices to minimize harm on living organisms and reap the health benefits of green and sustainable urban development.

We look forward to working with you to protect Ottawa greenspaces for the health of our communities and local wildlife! Please spread the word about our greenspace protection campaign and sign the petition to Keep Nature in our Neighbourhoods!

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