Forêt Capitale Forest

Forêt Capitale Forest (FCF) is an Ottawa-based non-profit on a mission to mitigate the effects of climate change and have a restorative effect on the environment by planting forests and raising awareness of the importance of trees and biodiversity. Through a grassroots collaboration with its growing team of community volunteers, FCF’s stewardship model prioritizes site maintenance and tree care to achieve high survival rates. FCF values community involvement to cultivate a legacy of stewardship, selecting biodiverse native forest species, and creating healthy forest soil to support growth and longevity. By implementing innovative forest practices like the Miyawaki Method in Tiny Forest plantings and maintenance, the organization collaboratively creates thriving ecosystems and community green spaces. With FCF’s experience in developing 9 Tiny Forests in Ottawa, each one is a testament to the local community’s vision and passion for climate action with long-term benefits.

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