GentleWays for OurPlanet is proud to partner with Ecology Ottawa to support planting Ottawa’s future tree canopy!

Ecology Ottawa is distributing tens of thousands of trees across the Ottawa region to replenish the urban canopy. Trees mitigate the effects of climate change, contribute to water retention, add beauty to our urban landscapes and provide us with food, shade, recreation, and noise barriers. They reduce the amount of dust and pollution in the air and replace them with sweet fragrances and fresh oxygen. Urban trees are homes to a multitude of animal species, supplying food, shelter and habitat year-round. Trees are significant and integral components of our urban ecology.

In recent years trees have been under attack by invasive pests, climate change, drought and severe storm events, as well as by the increasing number and scale of urban developments that replace natural, treed landscapes with pavement and buildings. In fact, the Emerald Ash Borer has killed 25% of Ottawa’s existing tree canopy. That’s why it is more important than ever we care for and plant new trees to prevent their further degradation.

The work of Ecology Ottawa goes beyond just putting trees in the ground. They also engage residents and public organizations to help nurture a greener community, a greener Ottawa and a greener future together.  The tree distribution program is an all-inclusive, inter-generational, community-centred legacy to expand and care for Ottawa’s tree canopy.

To realize this legacy we will Protect, Plant & Promote!

  1. Protect Trees by sharing with Ottawans how to better care for and appreciate our existing tree canopy.
  2. Plant Trees by helping Ottawa residents properly plant trees and collaborate with like-minded citizens and organizations to reach our goal of planting tens of thousands of trees together.
  3. Promote Tree Habitat by identifying, protecting and connecting important ecological areas of the city and celebrating cherished trees in our community.

By redeeming your stars on the i4ThePlanet app you’ll be helping Ecology Ottawa distribute more than 15,000 trees throughout the Ottawa region this year. Your contribution will result in more fruit and nut-bearing trees being planted. These trees will help support wildlife and pollinators in the area. For example, a diverse group of animals like robins, skunks, and deer enjoy munching on berries from chokecherry trees in the fall. 

You can learn more about Ecology Ottawa’s Tree campaign here. By supporting this initiative, you are not only helping green-up the communities of Ottawa, but you are helping support the important work of planting, protecting, and promoting trees in the City. 

Thank you!


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