Kassandra Drodge

Kassandra (she/her) is a biracial woman from a St. John’s fishing family (on her mother's side). She is the first (and only) person to hold a degree in her family. Kassie holds a criminology certificate and degree in humanities and social sciences from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador and is a master's candidate at the University of Ottawa focusing on environmental and economic strategies for coastal/inshore fishing communities across the province. Kassie specializes in diverse leadership strategies, research, and community engagement. Since 14 years old, Kassie has worked in the service industry until she had her first career switch after graduating from MUNL at 22. Since 2016, Kassie has worked with LGBTQIA2IA+, newcomers, youth, and racialized communities to help develop policies and actions around social economic, and environmental advancement. Kassie has conducted research with progressive health clinics, newcomer services, environmental groups, and international businesses. Just recently, Kassie traveled to Norway to represent Canada in the discussion around transitioning oil and gas and providing sustainable training opportunities to locals. Kassie is open to speaking to all who are interested in making a difference in their community whether it is social, economic, or environmental justice. Coming from a single-parent home, she acknowledges the different capacities and opportunities afforded to everyone, and so she has devoted a lot of her time in the past, and in the future to mentor, empower, and support.

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