Laïs Maurilio

City for All Women Initiative

Laïs helps CAWI communicate clearly and purposefully with women, members, partners, clients and municipalities. She’s passionate about tackling social inequalities and fostering change at an institutional level. Laïs was born and raised in Brazil. She worked as a news producer at the country’s biggest TV network, TV Globo. She also worked as a press advisor at Rio de Janeiro’s provincial government and at the non-profit Social Service of Commerce. In Brazil, Laïs studied Black women’s participation in politics. Her research analyzed the work of Marielle Franco, a councilwoman from Rio de Janeiro, who was murdered a year after being elected. Laïs came to Canada in 2018 to complete a Master’s degree in Feminist and Gender Studies at the University of Ottawa. You can find Laïs being very active on Twitter, where she speaks mostly about Brazilian and Canadian politics and pop culture. Laïs speaks Portuguese, Spanish and English. She’s currently learning French and her goal is to speak seven languages.

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