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Wildfire smoke engulfed the city of Ottawa in the summer of 2023; with people abandoning their daily outdoor activities due to the bad air quality surrounding them. The community was scared of sending their children out to play, perform outdoor exercises, or spend as much time outside as they did before. Children, seniors, and immunocompromised individuals are especially at risk of poor air quality. In its third and final year, the Breathe Easy campaign was welcomed by over 50 volunteers and the Ottawa community to help shed light on the quality of air that we breathe in every day. Community members need more data to make informed decisions about our health and well-being.

Read our 2023 report here:

A special acknowledgment is due to Dr. Thomas Walker and Emelia A. Ndebugri from Carleton University, who led the data analysis for this project and authored parts of this report.  Many thanks to Harry Hitsman, Tara Dwivedi, and Michael Allen for volunteering to work on the data analysis for this project. A special thank you to Alex Neufeldt, Gemma Patey, and Laura Casciaro for their work on Breathe Easy as volunteer organisers and our climate program coordinator, Dan Rutabingwa Gakire for coordinating this campaign.

Thanks to the Trottier Family Foundation for making this project possible for the third year through their generous support.

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