Ecology Ottawa’s EcoYouth Ottawa Program

Are you a young person concerned about the environment? We understand that today’s youth are facing eco-anxiety, climate grief, and worry about the future due to extensive exposure to global environmental information. This often leads to feelings of doom and inaction. But don’t despair! We believe in the potential of local environmental action, which can empower our youth to play a significant role in environmental solutions, from planting trees to engaging in systems-focused advocacy. 

Our Mission

At Ecology Ottawa, we receive frequent requests from educators and youth leaders for educational and action-oriented workshops. We are well-poised to fill this community need with our expertise in organizing and engaging people, our youth staff and volunteers, and our proficiency in mobilizing people to connect with local nature, engage in environmental advocacy, and organize their peers. Thus, we created the EcoYouth Ottawa Program.

Our Goals

Our goals are to engage youth in local environmental solutions, listen to and deeply respect youth knowledge and perspectives, deepen knowledge about environmental issues and solutions in Ottawa, and meaningfully embed justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. We aim to nurture environmental leadership communication and resilience among our youth.

Our Objectives

Our objectives include developing a youth council that engages a diversity of young people from across Ottawa, equipping post-secondary age youth to lead educational workshops in schools, fostering co-creation, planting, and long-term care of school gardens, and increasing knowledge of local environmental action. We introduce a variety of approaches for making change, including individual action without undue guilt, collective action, and systemic change. 

Join Us

We are reaching out to youth, aged 16-23, to join our volunteer program. This is an excellent opportunity for the next generation to be part of the solution to the environmental challenges we face, gain valuable experience, and make a positive impact on our community.

Application Process

Interested in becoming a volunteer with EcoYouth Ottawa? Check out the eligibility requirements and if eligible, fill out the application form. Applications close June 30 @11:59PM. If you have any questions, please contact Emma at [email protected]


Thank you to the Alva Foundation for their generous support. 

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