Let’s make Ottawa bird friendly!


Over the last 50 years, North American bird populations have dropped by over 25 percent. Let’s protect Ottawa’s feathered friends. Did you know that the city and the NCC only have guidelines for BFD that only require voluntary compliance? We need building standards for new construction and stronger education on retrofitting existing buildings

All over Canada, cities and towns are protecting wild birds through Nature Canada’s Bird Friendly City certification.

Being bird friendly means Ottawa helps protect birds from threats like cats, traffic, and window collisions while restoring nature and teaching our citizens about the benefits of having birds in our communities.
Let’s ensure our community is a safe haven for birds.

A Bird Friendly City is a community where:

  • Key threats to birds are reduced
  • Bird habitat is restored so native bird populations can thrive
  • Residents are actively engaged in monitoring local bird populations
  • Organizations host events to protect and celebrate birds
  • Municipal policies are created to protect bird population

A group of passionate community members — your Bird Team — has been created to oversee and lead these initiatives.

Ottawa could be Canada’s next Bird Friendly City but we need to show City Council!


Bird Friendly City Ottawa

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