Ecology Ottawa works in many collaborations to draw on our collective organizational strengths and areas of expertise.


Right here in Ottawa, we are one of the founding members of the Peoples Official Plan, working to analyse and shape policy outcomes of the City’s Official Plan and its implementation, with a view to greater economic, social and climate justice, and ethical city planning practice, along with a wide range of climate, community and social justice groups across Ottawa.


We jointly managed Ottawa Climate Equity, alongside the Ottawa Climate Action Fund, convening local actors in climate change and social inclusion to foster relationships built on trust, common values and shared priorities that will lead to increased collaboration on climate action.


Looking across the province, we are part of the Urban Climate Alliance, a network of four Ontario-based municipal environmental organizations working to take climate action at the city level. Other members include Environment Hamilton, the Citizens Environment Alliance in Windsor and the Toronto Environmental Alliance.


In 2023 we are establishing a collaboration called Grassroots Groundswell, bringing together municipal-focussed grassroots organizations from across the province to build relationships and deepen collaborations.


We are members of Climate Action Network Canada, a network of 150 groups across Canada, including First Nations; trade unions; environmental, social justice, development, health and youth organizations; faith groups; and local grassroots initiatives, all working towards climate justice.


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