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Climate Change Campaign Organizer featured on the Sam Laprade Show

If you missed Ecology Ottawa’s feature on CityNews Ottawa about our city’s air quality take a look right here!

Breathe Easy Update: Monitoring Ottawa's Air Quality

The 2021 Breathe Easy Campaign is underway!

We are officially one month into the 2021 Breathe Easy Campaign! Air quality monitoring began on July 1 and will continue through to the end of September. Our dedicated volunteers have measured particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, and ozone levels at 45 different locations across the city for more than 500 total minutes of air quality recording! AND they have signed up to do it 80 more times throughout the summer!

Volunteer to monitor Ottawa's air quality with the Breathe Easy 2021 campaign!

Wednesday 2nd June is Clean Air Day. What better way to celebrate than with the launch of Ecology Ottawa’s Breathe Easy campaign 2021! Volunteers will use a simple mobile air monitoring device while walking, rolling, riding, or running near where the city’s most vulnerable residents gather. We love working with Ottawa’s most dedicated volunteers and can’t wait to meet this year’s Breathe Easy team.

Sign up here to volunteer today! 

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