Holy Family Pollinator Garden - Gallery

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Welcome to the Holy Family Pollinator Garden Gallery! Below are some photos from our pollinator garden planted at Holy Family School next to Owl Park.


The Hunt Club Community Association already had a small patch planted on site to start us off!


Volunteers turn over the sod, establishing the garden's shape.


Volunteers mix in some topsoil to enrich the existing soil.


Plants laid out in their proposed locations, with taller plants on the inside and smaller ones on the outside.


Volunteers planting the wildflowers. All are native species!


The garden is planted and mulcheda success!


Owing to the aggressiveness of the grass we turned over, it returned!


With the help of volunteersas usualwe removed the grass to reserve resources for the pollinator plants and space for pollinators that benefit from open soil.


One of our wonderful volunteers recently gave the garden a fresh mulching. Look how much the plants have grown!


The garden filled in beautifully! Even while colder temperatures and eventually snow set in, this garden will provided food and habitat for the local ecosystem.

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