Where’s that progress City Council agreed to?

In 2005 the City of Ottawa was making fair progress on the issue of climate change. That stagnated during O’Brien’s Mayorship and since Councillor Maria McRae became Chair of Ottawa’s Environment Committee has actually slid backward.

Concerned citizens and groups worked together with supportive councillors to change this. We were successful in having City Council approve a motion to host a roundtable to engage the community in greenhouse gas reduction. Maria McRae claimed chairmanship of the roundtable and for six months has done nothing to organize it.

One thing motivates City Councillors to action. That is calls from their constituents. Please contact your City Councillor:

  • Ask them what is their role in moving forward on the GHG Roundtable*
  • Ask them to work to make it happen in a timely manner
Please contact the Mayor:
  • Ask Jim Watson to take a lead role at the GHG Roundtable – you’d like him to make his presence felt.
Contact info can be found here.

Ecology Ottawa has set up a system to keep count of how many people ask city politicians these questions. Please consider adding your name to that count at this link.

*GHG = greenhouse gas

This article cross-posted with climateottawa.ca

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