Council Watch Monthly Digest- January 2013

Environment Committee (January 15): January saw the first Environment Committee of the year 2013, during which the Environment Committee dropped a bomb-shell that could have lead to a step backward in the city’s commitment to promoting and implementing green building practices. The Environment Committee passed an abrupt motion to abandon the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) accreditation process.

City Council (January 23): Thankfully, at full council it was agreed that the issue of LEED accreditation be referred back to the Environment Committee for more in depth discussion and analysis. It should be noted that Councillor Peter Clark did not approve this motion.

Take a look at what Ecology Ottawa thought of this issue HERE and see how discussions about the LEED accreditation process unfolded.

Ecology Ottawa’s rating of City Councillors:

Dropping LEED accreditation
City Councillor Rating
Counc. Peter Clark Counc. David Chernushenko Counc. Diane Holmes Counc. Steve Desroches Councillors on the Environment Committe* Thumbs-down Thumbs-down Thumbs-down Thumbs-down Thumbs-down
*S. Moffat, D. Chernushenko, S. Desroches, M. Fleury, K. Egli, D. Holmes, A. Hubley, P. Hume, M. Mcrae

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