A Petition for Pedestrians

At the June 5 Transportation Committee meeting Councillor Hubley proposed a motion (Additional Item) in light of the Office of the Chief Coroner for Ontario’s report entitled Pedestrian Death Review- A Review of All Accidental Pedestrian Deaths in Ontario from January 1st 2010 to December 31st 2010. Councillor Hubley submitted a petition to the Ministry of Transportation to amend the Highway Traffic Act so it will permit municipalities to erect non-signalized pedestrian crossings. These pedestrian crossings will be indicated through the use of signs and pavement markings that will define the crossing within the roadway and will provide priority to pedestrians at the crossings. The motion stated that the City of Ottawa would like to erect non-signalized mid-block crossings at locations where it is determined they will improve pedestrian safety.

While this is a great development for pedestrian safety, it would be better if it had been enacted in hand with a law that would require motorists to stop when pedestrians are waiting to cross. If it was mandatory for vehicles to stop and yield to pedestrians it would be even safer for pedestrians to walk in their neighbourhoods.

Nonetheless, the motion was passed unanimously without amendments. Regardless of the lack of amendments to propose a law for motorists to stop, Ecology Ottawa recognizes the effort put forth by Councillor Hubley to propose a motion that will ultimately make our roads more pedestrian friendly. Councillor Hubley as well as the Councillors on the Transportation Committee receive a Thumbs Up for passing this motion on to Council and making our roads a little safer for the pedestrian users.

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