Council Watch Monthly Digest - August 2013

Transit Commission (August 21): The focus of this meeting was the naming of the stations for the Confederation Line and approval of the exterior design of the trains. The Commission also received a Presto update and a Transit Services Performance Report.

Environment Committee (August 22): This meeting discussed the City’s controversial agreement with Plasco, a corporation that hopes to utilise plasma gasification technology to convert Ottawa’s residential waste into electricity. The Committee extended, once again, Plasco’s contractual deadline to secure funding for the project. This is a disappointing development, as the City should be focusing on waste diversion rather than waste disposal.

Planning Committee (August 27): The first meeting back after the summer break dealt with many rezoning applications. Councillors on this Committee receive a Thumbs-up for passing a rezoning at 319 McRae Avenue, which will allow for transit-oriented intensification in the form of two mixed use, six storey buildings.

City Council (August 28): City Council approved the extension of the Plasco contractual agreement and the rezoning of 319 McRae Avenue in Westboro.

Ecology Ottawa’s rating of City Councillors for August, 2013

Promoting waste diversion over disposal in light of the Plasco discussion



Peter Hume


Supporting transit-oriented intensification



Councillors on the Planning Committee*


City Council**


*Councillors R. Chiarelli, R. Bloess, S. Blais, B. Monette, J. Harder, S. Qadri, K. Hobbs, T. Tierney, A. Hubley, P. Hume

**Councillors S. Moffatt, R. Chiarelli, E. El-Chantiry, R. Bloess, D. Chernushenko, S. Blais, M. Taylor, S. Desroches, B. Monette, J. Harder, M. Wilkinson, M. Fleury, S. Qadri, P. Clark, K. Egli, D. Deans, K. Hobbs, T. Tierney, D. Holmes, M. Thompson, P. Hume, M. McRae, and Mayor Jim Watson. Absent: A. Hubley

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