Council Watch Monthly Digest- September 2013

Environment Committee: The meeting was cancelled this month, once again. The Committee has only met five times this year.

Transportation Committee (September 4):  A motion suggesting that the City implement signs, amber lights, and Pedestrian Crossovers (PXOs) as a pilot project in areas where there is no stop sign or crossing guard, to increase the safety of pedestrians was approved by the Committee.

City Council (September 11): The motion to look at Pedestrian Crossovers (PXOs) to improve pedestrian safety was carried.

Planning Committee (September 24): The Draft Infrastructure Master Plan was tabled at this meeting, for technical and public review. The Committee received a verbal presentation and demonstration of the Neighbourhood Connection Office Toolkit for information purposes. Also, the Committee approved an amendment to the Official Plan to introduce a Secondary Plan for the Montreal Road district, which has a focus on improving the streetscape, pedestrian and cycling facilities, and transit connections in the area.

Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee (September 26): The Advisory Committee held their second meeting of the year. Penny Thompson was elected as Chair of the Committee. Ecology Ottawa was present as a public delegation. Committee members received a presentation from city staff on the proposed update to the Urban Natural Features Strategy, after which the Committee passed a motion endorsing the purchase of the three recommended Urban Natural Features, and furthermore encouraging the purchase of the remaining properties.

Ecology Ottawa’s rating of City Councillors for September, 2013

Motion to look at PXOs to ensure the safety of pedestrians



Mathieu Fleury


Allan Hubley


Councillors on the Transportation Committee*


City Council**


*Councillors S. Moffatt, R. Bloess, D. Chernushenko, M. Wilkinson, M. Fleury, P. Clark, K. Egli, D. Deans, and A. Hubley. Absent: T. Tierney

**Councillors S. Moffatt, R. Chiarelli, E. El-Chantiry, R. Bloess, D. Chernushenko, S. Blais, M. Taylor, B. Monette, J. Harder, M. Wilkinson, M. Fleury, S. Qadri, P. Clark, K. Egli, D. Deans, A. Hubley, T. Tierney, D. Holmes, M. Thompson, P. Hume, M. McRae, and Mayor Jim Watson. Absent: K. Hobbs, S. Desroches

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