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Energy East Pipeline and the Election


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Dear candidates,

I’m writing to you today as a resident in your riding.

I have many concerns about the recent plans to build North America’s biggest oil pipeline through Ottawa, and I wanted to know where each of you stand.

Understanding that the proposed Energy East pipeline threatens the drinking water of residents of the City of Ottawa and threatens a spill as it crosses the Rideau River, and that the emissions alone would reverse all greenhouse gas reductions achieved by phasing out coal in Ontario, where do you stand on stopping this proposed pipeline?

This is an important issue for me and I would appreciate your clarifying your stance.

Thank you for your time.

Follow Up:

Please forward any responses to [email protected] so we can keep track of candidates' responses.

Candidates' Emails:

Ottawa Centre Green Party: Kevin O’Donnell   [email protected] Liberal Party: Yasir Naqvi   [email protected] New Democratic Party: Jennifer McKenzie   [email protected] Progressive Conservative Party: Rob Dekker   [email protected]

Ottawa South Green Party: Matthew Lakatos-Hayward   [email protected] Liberal Party: John Fraser     [email protected] New Democratic Party: Bronwyn Funiciello     [email protected] Progressive Conservative Party: Matt Young   [email protected]

Ottawa West—Nepean

Green Party: Alex Hill   [email protected] Liberal Party: Bob Chiarelli   [email protected] New Democratic Party: Alex Cullen   [email protected] Progressive Conservative Party: Randall Denley   [email protected]

Ottawa—Orléans Green Party: Bob Bell [email protected] Liberal Party: Marie-France Lalonde    [email protected] New Democratic Party: Prosper M'Bemba-Meka    [email protected] Progressive Conservative Party: Andrew Lister     [email protected]

Ottawa-Vanier Green Party: Dave Bagler  [email protected] Liberal Party: Madeleine Meilleur    [email protected] New Democratic Party: Hervé Ngamby    [email protected] Progressive Conservative Party: Martin Forget  [email protected]

Nepean-Carleton Green Party: Gordon Kubanek [email protected] Liberal Party: Jack Uppal  [email protected] New Democratic Party: Ric Dagenais    [email protected] Progressive Conservative Party: Lisa McLeod    [email protected]

Carleton-Mississippi-Mills Green Party: Andrew West    [email protected] Liberal Party: Rosalyn Stevens    [email protected] New Democratic Party: John Hansen    [email protected] Progressive Conservative Party: Jack Maclaren   [email protected]

Glengarry-Prescott-Russell Green Party: Raymond St. Martin   [email protected] Liberal Party: Grant Crack    [email protected] New Democratic Party: Isabelle Sabourin   [email protected] Progressive Conservative Party: Roxane Villeneuve Robertson [email protected]

Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry Green Party: Sharon Norman   [email protected] Liberal Party: John Earle     [email protected] New Democratic Party: Elaine MacDonald    [email protected] Progressive Conservative Party: Jim McDonell      [email protected]

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