Clean Water Team Documents Release

With the City of Ottawa having released Phase 1 of their Water Environment Strategy, played host to a Water Roundtable public consultation Saturday, June 14th, and set stormwater management clearly in their sights for the development of the Water Environment Strategy Phase 2, Ecology Ottawa feels action on water issues has built up an incredible potential for progress. Now we must press the City to keep that going. Never has there been a more important time to rallying around our city's most crucial resource - water.


The following links provide access to the documents Ecology Ottawa's Clean Water Team has crafted on the subject:

Policy Considerations - A document created to outline Ecology Ottawa's vision; objectives; principles; and four major areas of consideration for the creation of a Water Environment Strategy Phase 2 that best protects and enhances our water resources, and sets Ottawa on a course towards becoming the kind of world-class city we aspire to be.


Water Efficiency and Water Conservation - A document written by the natural resource economist David Brooks that further details Ecology Ottawa's third major policy consideration (see Policy Considerations). The content covers the short and long term approaches to reducing water demand we want to see incorporated into the Water Environment Strategy.


Asset-Based Management - Overview - A document giving a summary of Ecology Ottawa's understanding of the "asset-based management" approach the City of Ottawa proposed in Phase 1 of the Water Environment Strategy.  The proposed approach will be applied as means of natural resource valuation. It raises important questions about how the City intends to use this approach, and what we will be looking for to ensure it is used in a way that promotes responsible care for our natural resources.


For further information, or to find ways to get involved, please contact:

Jenner Pratt


[email protected]




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