Election survey shows whopping majority of candidates see city role on climate change

CandidateResponses-ClimateCoverIn our second report on where candidates stand, the agreement is overwhelming. 

91% of those polled agree there is a role for the City of Ottawa in tackling climate change. 

More than eight in ten will push for the full implementation of the city's new climate change management plan and an equally high percentage would work to see the city exceed the greenhouse gas reduction targets the plan has set. Several of those who didn't agree to push for full implementation said it was because they weren't familiar with the plan, not necessarily because they objected to the plan.

You can find out what the candidates in your ward said. Every answer we received is listed in our report Your Decision – Vote for a Healthy & Green Ottawa – Election 2014 – All-Candidates Survey – Council Candidates Want Urgent Action on Climate Change.Download your copy here.

For this series of reports Ecology Ottawa sent its Ottawa Elections 2014 survey to all candidates to find out where they stand on Ottawa’s most pressing environmental issues. The report released today analyzing candidates’ responses about climate change is the second of six we plan to release on the way to the October 27 Election.

Despite the robust agreement among most candidates, there are still a very few running for office who either don't understand the seriousness of the climate change issue or don't see a role for municipal government.

Whether you want to express your support to your candidates who are standing up for action; or you're disappointed in a certain candidate who hasn't yet completed the survey; or you'd like to tell an unsupportive candidate to think it over one more time, you can send them an email or give them a call with the contact information here. (if you don't know what your ward is, find that out here)

Sincerely Graham Saul Executive Director

Election Update

Ecology Ottawa's elections campaign continues to bear fruit.

  • Wednesday Ecology Ottawa's all-candidate mayoral debate on the environment drew hundreds of people, was broadcast by Rogers and attracted media attention from the Ottawa Citizen, the Ottawa Sun, as well as prompting an interview with News1310 radio.
  • Thursday Ecology Ottawa was on an hour long talk show on Rogers.
  • Ward-by-ward events continue and individual action and small local paper coverage like this one often results.
None of this happens without supporters like you. Go to the Ecology Ottawa website to find out how you can become an even bigger part of our elections campaign and help Ottawa become the green capital of Canada.

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