Report on Rideau Rockcliffe (ward 13) candidate meeting on climate change

Many thanks to Governor’s Walk for providing the room for the Rideau-Rockcliffe all candidates discussion on Climate Change Thursday, October 2nd.

A lively discussion ensued about the issue of climate change and its predicted effects on the city between the audience and the five candidates who attended: Cam Holmstrom, Jevone Nicholas, Tobi Nussbaum, Sheila Perry and Penny Thompson. (The incumbent, Peter Clark did not attend)

The room was packed leaving several standing. The audience ranged from a father with a tiny baby, to seniors -- this issue touches us all.

Candidates started the evening off with each sharing their thoughts on climate change and what the City of Ottawa could do about it.

Subsequently, questions and comments flowed including:

  • how to encourage recycling and composting in grocery stores that consider it to be an extra cost and inconvenient;
  • how to encourage and enable the retrofitting of homes especially in low-income and rental properties in order to make them more energy efficient;
  • concern that the new group mailboxes will add more delivery vehicles to the streets;
  • transportation issues: such as bottle necks on Beechwood at the Vanier Parkway and sidewalks that are not in great shape especially in winter and therefore discourage walking even for those with no mobility challenges;
  • the fact that some schools do not have recycling programs – a teenaged student wanted to know what he could do to correct this,
Thoughts were shared on the use of “carrots and sticks” to influence behaviour in order to mitigate and adapt to climate change, City planning was also touched on.

The responses from the candidates showed that they had certainly done their homework on the problem of climate change.

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