Your Decision, Your Vote: Ottawa’s Election is 2 Days Away!

Election Day in Ottawa is on MONDAY so here are some thoughts on how you can get involved.

1.   We just released a new report on where the Mayoral candidates stand on key environmental issues. We've also organized all of the council candidate responses ward-by-ward in order to help you find your candidates and their answers more easily.You can find it all here. 

2.   You can help get out the environmental vote by donating your valuable time on Monday. Please consider volunteering with Ecology Ottawa's Get Out The Vote operation by sending an email to Robb Barnes at [email protected] and letting him know you may be interested. 3.    Join us on Monday night to watch the election results come in and celebrate all the great work that has been done. All are welcome and you can RSVP here. 4.    And don't forget to vote! You can find out where here. 

Where do the Mayoral candidates stand on key environmental issues in Ottawa? The results of the Ecology Ottawa survey are pretty clear. Of the five mayoral candidates that responded to the survey, Anwar Syed, Jim Watson and Darren Wood echoed the largely pro-environment attitudes of the vast majority of city council candidates. On the other hand, candidates Mike Maguire and Robert White seem to have turned their backs on many of the key environmental issues facing Ottawa today. Whoever the next Mayor of Ottawa is we'll have work to do to encourage them to be even more ambitious on key issues, but there are REAL DIFFERENCES between these Mayoral candidates when it comes to environmental issues. Your vote matters. Don't take our word for it, you can see their responses in their own words here.

You can also find all of the information on all of the city council candidates organized by ward here.

Getting out the environmental vote in Ottawa! Ecology Ottawa will be going door-to-door on Election Day (MONDAY, October 27th) encouraging our supporters to head down to their voting stations and vote for the candidate who will be proactive in protecting our trees and waterways, further develop sustainable and active transportation in Ottawa and move the city away from its dangerous dependence on fossils fuels.

If you can spare a few hours or the whole day on October 27th to help us get out the vote, please contact Robb Barnes, Ecology Ottawa’s Electoral Outreach Community Organizer: [email protected]

And don't forget to vote!

Join us to watch the election results come in! Whether you are one of the 100 Ecology Ottawa leaders that have made our election campaign possible, or the thousands of people that read these emails and election reports or followed environmental issues during this election, we would like to invite you to join us on election evening (MONDAY!) to watch the results come in. After months and months of work we will finally know who our next council is and regardless of what happens our collective efforts to raise environmental issues in this election will be cause for celebration.

So after you have voted on Monday, please join Ecology Ottawa at Peter Devine’s (Heart & Crown Pub in the Market) for our elections campaign celebration starting at 7:30pm. All are welcome - so feel free to just drop by - but if you think you'll be joining us please RSVP here so we can get a sense of numbers.

And don't forget to vote! Voting stations open at 10am on Monday October 27th. You can find out where to vote on the City of Ottawa’s website. Please make your way to a voting station nearest you and cast a ballot for our city and our environment!

It's your vote, it's your choice, so make it count!


Graham, on behalf of the whole Ecology Ottawa Team.d

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