EVENT Mountain Equipment Coop Revisits Snow & Skiing in a Warming World

MECsnowfestOn Saturday November 22 Mountain Equipment Coop's SNOWFEST takes place and Ecology Ottawa has been invited to do a mini version of last February's event The Future of Snow and Skiing in a Warming World.

Here's who'll be there:

  • Renée Bellehumeur - Gatineau Park Manager
  • Stephan Gruber - IPCC contributor with expertise in mountain environments and glaciers
  • Charles Hodgson - Ecology Ottawa's climate change campaign lead
  • This MEC clinic takes place at 4:30 pm in the MEC Community Room (2nd floor - it's actually just inside the staff area) at 366 Richmond Road.

    We've collected here a number of reports on how climate change is threatening winter sports. Some of those reports give global or national perspective but the National Capital Commission report gives a local perspective as does another report from the City of Ottawa that shows local snowfall has been reduced by more than half a meter annually, on average, from 80 or 100 years ago.

    What can you do to save the winters you love?

    1. tell your politicians to make climate change a priority
      • We've just had a municipal election - the new city council is more receptive to climate action - remind your city councillor to support the city's climate change plan and more.
      • Expect a federal election in 2015 - tell those candidates too.
      • The provincial government is in a majority and philosophically aligned with climate action, ask them to work with the city on this issue.
    2. Save energy and minimize your own carbon footprint.
    3. Divest from fossil fuels
    4. Support a group that's making climate change a priority

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