Asking City Council about Climate Change Actions in the Budget

As Mayor Jim Watson confirms here in answer to Ecology Ottawa volunteer Martin Callsen’s question, only one of the five items recommended by the Air Quality and Climate Change Management Plan for inclusion in the 2015 budget is, in fact, budgeted for.

[wpvideo gWqzb575]

The other climate change actions have to duke it out with other undefined initiatives as council negotiates their Term of Council Priorities. A fund of $37.4 million dollars in 2015 is set aside for initiatives that come out of this priority setting exercise.

So now is the time to reinforce to your City Councillor, to the Chair of Environment Committee and to the Mayor that you approve of City initiatives on climate change, so that climate change initiatives do get funded as City priorities.

The list of initiatives is longer than the four items which were anticipated in the budget but left out. The City’s climate plan included dozens of other actions plus a promise of an even longer list to be developed in early 2015. (See Document 2 – Taking Action linked from this city web page)

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