Trees, Ash Trees and the Emerald Ash Borer

Horticulturalist Bertrand Dumont provides an update and gives advice for tree selection

Horticulturalist and science animator, Bertrand Dumont has long been passionate about trees. He has written numerous books on the subject over the course of 40 years and the latest that came out this spring addresses the unbeatable emerald ash borer as well as the benefits of trees and how to carefully choose them. Interview.

After all your publications on trees, why now le guide Des arbres pour les jardins paysagers?*

Our trees in urban and peri-urban areas are not doing well for various reasons. They are being attacked from all sides, currently by the emerald ash borer and soon likely by the Asian long horned beetle. Also, even though trees are among the most essential in the plant world, citizens who find them a nuisance are also a threat.

It is also known that the holes dug for city trees are much too small for them to develop and that this needs to change. I also find it important that our vision of trees changes from an aesthetic view to one focused on biodiversity.

To read the rest of the interview in french, click here.

(Published in Le Devoir)


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