MELOG workshop in City Hall the 17th of May

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet MELOG, an amazing network of entrepreneurial Latin American women in Ottawa-Gatineau. During the past month, they expressed their interest for trees by becoming a Tree Otawa collaborator and by inviting us to their event. Their event LATIN EXPO 2015 aims to provide a 1-day interactive learning and professional development activities for leaders, entrepreneurs and visitors.

Trees are wonderful gifts to our urban environment. They provide beauty, shade, shelters, purified air and soil, food and habitat for animals. But most importantly, their presence helps to maintain our connection with the natural environment. However, City trees are facing so many challenges including insects, diseases, climate change and weather, that most of them don’t last more than seven years.

But you can change that!

By adopting a tree, you commit to water it once a week during summer or more if it’s very warm. At the same time you give that tree the chance to grow up to be healthy, strong and part of the Ottawa landscape. Come meet us at City Hall Sunday May 17th between 11 am and 6 pm, we’ll be glad to tell you everything you need to know about our Adopt-a-tree initiative.

To learn more, click here


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