City of Ottawa's new Protocol to educate builders and protect wildlife. The City needs comments by June 19, 2015

The City of Ottawa has drafted a new "Wildlife Construction Protocol" to protect natural habitats around construction and building sites. If put into place, builders will have to take into consideration the wildlife surrounding their site to minimize the damage to nature. While still in the works, the City's Natural Systems Planner, Amy MacPherson has created the protocol, but still requires additional suggestions and comments by June 19, 2015.


Amy gives a good impression of the overall content of the proposal by stating, "The draft protocol addresses sensitive timing windows for clearing, pre-stressing, site clearing, construction site management, wildlife encounters, and wildlife-proofing.  It also provides guidance to developers on how they can help reduce post-construction conflicts between residents and wildlife, using wildlife-proofing measures and owner awareness packages." Builders will get a booklet of how to address the needs of the green space they will be inhabiting and how to best build without too much ecological distruption. It seems rather common sense, but will be a welcome change to the construction procedures within the city.


Some prominent stakeholders who have lent their voice and comments to this project are: Canadian Wildlife Service (Environment Canada), Greenspace Alliance of Canada's Capital, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and the Rideau Valley Wildlife Sancuary to name a few. Please take some time to reflect and write about this important issue. This will be reviewed by  the Planning Commitee and the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee in the fall of 2015. You can write your own comments and suggestions here and they will be taken into consideration:

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