The Pope Releases Letter on Environmental Protection

Pope Francis has officially released his Encyclical on the environment, “On the Care of our Common Home”. The letter details a moral message to teach individuals and governments worldwide about climate change and poverty and how those are connected. He urgently hope that change will take place.

He believes it is our ethical responsibility as humans to protect the environment and this message has been welcomed by economists, business leaders, scientists, doctors, spiritual leaders and trade unions. The open letter details the science behind using renewable resources and makes the case to sway politicians through a moral discussion of the planet and poverty. By channelling money into saving the environment and not into promoting capitalism we can close the poverty gap between the rich and poor. Educating impoverished countries to use and develop sustainable resources is another step forward, the letter teaches.


Sadly the world’s elite have already attacked the Pope’s stance citing that erasing poverty requires utilizing fossil fuels. However as Christian Teriete, a writer for GCCA (Glocal Call for Climate Action) states “ the moral case the Encyclical makes is too holistic and formidable, with pundits and experts already hailing it as a driver of unprecedented momentum for global change well before its release”. Pope Francis is reaching out to humanity, not just Catholics to embrace the acts done to the earth and to the most vulnerable in society due to capitalism as “sins”. He points a finger at the indifference and denial that so many of the world’s industries and leaders exude.

It is hoped that change will take change before the new global climate agreement which governments are due to deliver in Paris this December 2015. To support the Encyclical and sign the Petition please go to:


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