Take Action: Make Sherbourne a safer road for all


If you live in the area, you know how dangerous Sherbourne Road can be for pedestrians and cyclists. Sherbourne Road is used by citizens for practical (getting to school, work, etc.) and recreational (a walk to the park, a bike around the neighbourhood, etc.) purposes, but speeding traffic makes doing this safely substantially more difficult.

Ecology Ottawa has teamed up with the Carlingwood and McKellar Park Community Associations to tackle this issue and make Sherbourne Road safe and accessible for all travellers. If you feel passionately about this issue, you can:

Sign our petition here: Petition for a Safer Sherbourne Road

Participate in our audit of the road in September: RSVP here!

Help us envision a new future for Sherbourne Road!

For any further questions or clarifications, e-mail [email protected].

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