This Could be Close

It's no secret. Ottawa-area ridings like Orléans and Ottawa West—Nepean are two of around 70 swing ridings spread across the country. All of the parties know that ridings like these are critical to their success on election day - October 19th.

Ecology Ottawa is working hard to promote environmental leadership in the federal election, but we need your help to make a difference in these two Ottawa-area ridings. Along with our friends at LeadNow, we're raising money to carry out two opinion polls, one in September and one in October. We want to know where the Conservatives, Liberals, NDP and Greens stand in relation to each other, so that our supporters can make an informed decision on October 19th.

Please consider making a donation of $15, $30 or whatever you can donate. We only need 75 people to donate $30 each to get us started.

It's possible that these two swing ridings could be won by just a few hundred votes. Some are arguing that these two ridings are part of a broader "red-blue battleground" across Ottawa. We're a non-partisan organization and we don't want to deceive you into thinking these are two-way races if they're not. That's why we need to do polling to get a better sense of the race. 

We've spent months knocking on thousands of doors in Orléans and Ottawa West-Nepean. We have worked hard to connect with voters who care about taking action on climate change and clean energy, protecting Ottawa's rivers and green spaces, and promoting cycling, transit and walkability within our city. No matter where you live in Ottawa, this federal election is a critical opportunity to vote for a party that's committed to making a positive difference on these issues.

We have focused our elections work in Orléans and Ottawa West-Nepean because of their importance as swing ridings. We're doing our best to understand these races well so that environmentally-conscious voters can make an informed decision on election day.

We can only do this with your financial support. We need to raise $4,400 to conduct both polls at least once. Click here now to help us conduct this important polling.

Ecology Ottawa will be providing more information about these key ridings as the election race heats up in the coming weeks. In the meantime, for more on our overall approach to the 2015 election, please click here.

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