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What an election! For the first time in almost ten years Ottawa’s municipal, provincial AND federal governments are all promising to show leadership on climate change and the environment. We need to seize this day and that’s why Ecology Ottawa has joined a massive coalition that is organizing a family-friendly march in the City of Ottawa on November 29. 100possible-logo-trimmedWe’ll march from 1:00pm to 4:00pm at Parliament Hill. We have an historic opportunity to be heard by our new Prime Minister and federal government in their first month in power and we are calling on all our supporters to please get involved. Are you in?

A consensus is growing around the world that the transition to a 100% clean energy economy by 2050 is not only necessary to solve the climate crisis, it’s 100% possible. It's a vision for a healthy, diverse economy with low-carbon jobs, that respects Indigenous rights, and stops growing the tar sands and building new pipelines. It will lead to a safer, more sustainable, and more just future, for everyone.

So please join us on November 29 in Ottawa for 100% Possible: Marching Together for Climate Solutions and Justice. Let's show our new government that solutions to the climate crisis are not only real, they're already on their way. Click here to say: I’m in!

Why is Ecology Ottawa getting involved?

Eighty percent of Canadians live in cities, so in order to build a better Canada we need to learn how to build a better city. Ecology Ottawa spends most of its time and energy on local projects like tree planting, bike lanes, walkable streets and river clean-ups, but we also know that our cities can’t do it alone. If the City of Ottawa is going to succeed, we need provincial and federal governments to help build the infrastructure and clean energy economy of tomorrow.

That’s why we worked to raise environmental issues within the context of the federal election and that’s why we are teaming up with groups across the country to make November 29 an historic day.

This is our last big federal push before refocusing our efforts on the on City Hall in 2016. Our 2016 to 2018 strategic plan will focus on a series of local breakthroughs like a new Urban Forestry Strategy, a new Water Environment Strategy and the full implementation of the City’s Complete Streets and climate change plans. But this is an historic moment and making November 29 a great day is important for our city, our province and our country.

The only way this is going to happen is if people like you get involved and work with us to reach out to others. A 100 percent clean economy is not only necessary, it is also 100 percent possible. Building it begins with you. Are you in?


Graham, on behalf of the Ecology Ottawa team



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