March 11 Spring Deadline for EcoLeague Funding Is Near!


Need funding to support your students' action project?  Apply by March 11, 2016 to receive up to $400! Whether it's school-wide or in your classroom, any project that engages your students in sustainability action qualifies.


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EcoLeague™ focuses on youth as the drivers of change and leaders of tomorrow.

Through EcoLeague™ students are engaged in linking what they have learned to action projects that provide a real context for understanding sustainability issues in their community. Undertaking action projects allows youth to understand that they do have the ability to bring about positive and significant change in their schools and communities.

EcoLeague™ Youth Forums

EcoLeague Youth Forums engage Action Teams (1 teacher and 4 students) from participating schools in a region in a one day Youth Forum. The Forums inspire youth and their teachers with hands-on action project ideas that they can undertake in their school and community. To date, LSF has delivered over 60 Youth Forums, engaging close to 2,000 schools and over 1,000,000 students in sustainability action projects.

EcoLeague™ Recipes for Action

LSF has developed a series of “recipes for action” which provide teachers and students with action projects on eight different sustainability issues. Click the 'Elementary' and/or 'Secondary' tabs from the menu bar above to find a recipe tailored for your grades!

EcoLeague™ Action Project Funding

LSF provides funding of up to $400 to schools to implement an Action Project.  Action Projects must: increase awareness about sustainability issues and responsibilities; directly engage students in actions that address a local sustainability issue; and involve and benefit the school and/or local community. Deadline for Spring 2016 Applications is March 11th, 2016.

Professional Learning Workshops

LSF offers Professional Development opportunities to assist teachers in facilitating action projects with their students.  Tools, techniques and resources that support the development and implementation of action projects in the community are explored.

Our Canada Project

Our Canada Project is a call to action encouraging Canadian youth to engage in "conversations about the future" and actions that model responsible citizenship.  The Our Canada Project website features an interactive map where students can share their visions for a more sustainable Canada and action projects they have undertaken, including videos, pictures and text.

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