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Don't miss out on your chance at an early-bird prize! The first 20 eligible entries will win a $50.00 cash prize.

Do you like making videos? Are you interested in helping get the word out about toxins - hazardous substances that can affect our health - and what can be done to avoid them? Do you want to be part of making our world a healthier place? If yes, the EduTOX Video Challenge is for you.

This challenge is about giving young people like you a platform to promote awareness and action on toxins - and a chance to be nationally recognized for your leadership. We are looking for people like you to make creative and compelling short videos that will get people thinking about and taking action on the toxins that we all encounter in our day-to-day lives. In short, EduTOX is about youth leading the way to a healthier world in which to live, grow, work, and play.

This challenge is open to any Canadian between the ages of 14 and 22. Videos can be submitted in English, French, or any other language (as long as there are English or French subtitles), and by individuals or groups. Videos will be judged in three rounds - first by public "likes", second by a team of health and environment specialists, and third by celebrity judges. There will be 6 winners, who will receive awesome prizes ranging from electronics to scholarships.

Don’t know much about toxins and what you can do to avoid them? Go to our Getting Started page to learn more. Enter before March 21st!

Remember to share your video! Only the videos with the most likes will move on to the next round.

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