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This is a unique opportunity for Ottawa Centre residents. If you want climate change action here’s your chance to give input directly to Canada’s Minister of Environment and Climate Change. Space is limited. RSVP now by emailing [email protected]

On April 28, starting at 7 p.m. at the Glebe Community Centre (175 Third Avenue) the consultation will involve working groups as described below. Ecology Ottawa wants to drive home the message that solving climate change requires two things; advances in the green economy but also the phase out of fossil fuels.

We will be coming together at 6 p.m. for a preparatory meeting at the Church of the Blessed Sacrament, 194 Fourth Avenue, just before the meeting to discuss messaging, how to make sure Energy East is discussed in the various working groups, and get ready and comfortable to speak about the climate issues and values we care about! RSVP for this preparatory meeting here:

The Liberal government should be praised for the priority it has put on innovation in the green economy. The climate crisis demands that we move to renewable sources of energy and that we make gains in energy conservation and efficiency. 

Equally important in tackling climate change is the need to address the source of the problem, we must phase out the burning of oil, coal and gas. 

If you attend the consultation, please emphasize to the Minister that her government’s continued subsidy to the fossil fuel industry in the recent budget sends a contradictory message to her mandate of tackling climate change. Similarly, the reported support of the Prime Minister for building new fossil fuel infrastructure, including the Energy East pipeline, is incompatible with the goals agreed to at COP21 in Paris.

Whatever way you phrase it—whether it be “keep warming below 1.5°C” or “get atmospheric CO2 down to 350 ppm” or “aim for 100% renewable energy” or “achieve net-zero emissions”—they all mean the same thing; we must make moves to stop extracting, transporting, selling and burning oil, coal and gas. In their place are the economic opportunities of conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy.

The Energy East pipeline is planned to run through Ottawa on its route from Alberta to the Atlantic. It would be a major piece of fossil fuel infrastructure built to last for decades. As such it would prolong Canada’s ongoing participation in the carbon economy and extend Canada’s contribution to the causes of climate change by many years.

Support of the Energy East pipeline by Justin Trudeau’s government would fly in the face of Canada's commitment to tackle climate change.

Catherine McKenna’s climate change consultation event will be structured in group discussion format focusing on four themes:

  1. Mitigating the effects of climate change by reducing emissions
  2. Putting a price on carbon
  3. Growing good jobs through clean technology
  4. Preparing our communities and protecting them from the effects of climate change 
When you RSVP to [email protected] you may indicate a preferred group.

Time: Thursday, April 28 at 7 p.m. Location: Glebe Community Centre, 175 Third Avenue (map)

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