Did You Know: Tree-Wind Turbines in Paris

Did you know that since 2015, you can find turbines in the shape of trees?

New Wind, a French energy company, has developed a sustainable electrical power generating system in the form of trees years. The idea is that each leaf is actually a mini turbine, catching the wind and rotating horizontally to produce energy. With these small turbines, even the smallest air current can help generate electrical energy, regardless of season. These aesthetically pleasing and fascinating turbines mimic the natural structure of trees, all while promoting and generating sustainable energy. They are specifically designed to capture air currents traveling through alleyways, around buildings, or up streets in urban settings. At only 26 feet high, they are significantly smaller and quieter than the enormous traditional wind turbines most people are familiar with, and thus fit perfectly into the space and noise restrictions set in cities. Though they cost roughly $36 500, the money is quickly paid off in a few years through the money saved by using the turbines.

These "Wind Trees" contain a total of 72 wind turbines masquerading as leaves. Made from a lightweight plastic material, these turbines are able to catch air currents travelling as slow as 4.4mph (2 meters/second, or 7 kilometres/hour). If all 72 turbines are in use, Wind Trees can produce an average of 3.1 kW a day, and within 280 days, ultimately can power up to 15 street lights. And that's just for one Tree Wind alone!

As of right now, Wind Trees can be found in various locations. Some main locations include Place de la Concorde, a major public square in Paris, and Paris Le Bourget, installed for the United Nation's Conference on Climate Change in 2015. Wind Trees are slowly growing global momentum, with their first international Wind Tree installed in Geneva, Switzerland. Hopefully we'll be able to get some in North America too!

Not only do Wind Trees provide a way to generate sustainable energy, but they possess the potential to help reimagine landscapes. Cities of concrete jungles can easily transform into places of green energy, redefining the concepts of nature and energy. Just imagine how far Wind Trees could bring in the future of local, sustainable energy!

For more information, you can visit New Wind's website or check out the following links:

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