Nepean Climate Town Hall Meeting: Another Step Forward


Last Saturday morning, Nepean Federal MP Chandra Arya hosted a Climate Town Hall meeting to share ideas about what the current government and Canadians can do to reduce and adapt to climate change. The meeting began with a presentation by Mr. Arya in front of over 60 residents of Nepean. The MP went into detail on how the current government has invested in youth employment and infrastructure since election. After a lengthy presentation on the Liberal successes, Mr. Arya introduced the issue of the day: climate change.

Mr. Arya, presented a brief history on climate change in Canada and made it clear that the economy and the environment can work hand and hand. The rest of the morning was left for participants to share their ideas on climate change. Unlike the other town hall meetings, all participants were given 2 minutes to speak in front of the crowd. Many participants respected the 2 minute rules, however a few participants went into great detail and other chose to intervene from the crowd.

ClPyXLeUYAAkZipAll in all, it was an informative and structured discussion with many of the participants being parents and grandparents.The topics ranged from eating a meatless diet to the divestment from the Alberta Oil Sands; specifically the Energy East pipeline. Participants questioned the governments investment in an dying industry and called on MP Chandra Arya to reject the pipeline! This stands as yet further evidence that Ottawans and Canadians alike do not want this dangerous pipeline. MP Chandra Arya chose not respond to the calls due to time constraints, but the message was heard clearly: no Energy East, no tar sands expansion!

With just two climate change consultations remaining in the Ottawa area in Orleans and Vanier (dates and times TBD as of 20 June 2016), now is the time to get involved and ensure that your voice is being heard! The National Energy Board is currently reviewing Energy East, but the federal government has the final say; let's tell them that they must say "no!"

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