Why Plant Trees in your Yard?


haengebaeume-garden-house-design-front-yard-lawn-large-trees-grazingPlanting trees: a socially encouraged in the notion done to help protect and preserve the environment. Though planting trees do help preserve biodiversity and nature, having trees in your yard also is economically and psychologically beneficial.

Trees in your yard saves a significant amount of lawn and energy consumption. Did you know that a young, healthy tree can provide a net cooling effect equivalent to ten room-sized air conditioners operating for 20 hours a day? Just think of the money you'll save on air conditioning during Ottawa's hot summers! Similarly, trees can act as wind guards against blowing snow, which can ultimately help lower your heating bills too. So in reality, having trees will lower your house temperature maintenance systems all year round!

Trees also have obvious environmental benefits, which can directly link to human benefits. Large roots prevent issues like soil run-off, as well as absorbs water during heavy rainfalls, which can prevent flooding of one's basement. You'll get a environmental guardian watching over your property!

Home owners with trees on their property have also indicated that their stress levels are lower than those who do not. There's just something about trees that makes you feel good,  like there's a living symbol of resilience and fortitude watching over your home. What's not to love about it?

The City of Ottawa will plant trees on your lawn for free, so what are you waiting for?

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