The Rainbow Warrior

Have you heard of the Rainbow Warrior?


The Rainbow Warrior is a ship made by Greenpeace, one of the most famous environmental activists groups in the world. This ship was built 100% by donations, and is probably the most environmentally friendly ship on that large of a scale out there. As of now, Greenpeace has gone through 2 Rainbow Warriors, the third having begun its operation on October 14th, 2011.

The Rainbow Warrior is a ship made specifically to help combat environmental injustices being committed over seas. This includes confronting environmental crimes, investigating and exposing environmentally destructive activities, and so much more. Already, the list of accomplishments for the first Rainbow Warrior is quite impressive, including ending nuclear testings in the Pacific, blocking coal ports, and closing down destructive fishing operations. How amazing is that?

No longer are environmental efforts limited to land efforts--with the Rainbow Warrior, we have expanded to protecting the environment to the seas, finally covering all our bases!

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