Help shape the future of Elgin St. and Hawthorne Ave. - Wed., Jan. 11

Do you frequent Elgin Street and Hawthorne Avenue? Do you feel unsafe when walking or biking on these busy roads? Are you interested in creating safe and welcoming streets in Centretown and Old Ottawa East?  Elgin Street and Hawthorne Avenue are going to undergo street renewal, and the City is holding a Public Open House at City Hall. The event will take place on Wednesday, January 11 at City Hall (110 Laurier Ave. West) in the Council Chambers and Jean Pigott Place from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Space is limited so please register with the City by clicking here. 

This is your opportunity to speak out for safer and healthier streets in Ottawa. The City is nearing the end of its consultation process for this work and wants feedback on its draft design. We need your help to ensure that a renewed Elgin / Hawthorne corridor benefits all users - providing a safe and vibrant space for pedestrians, cyclists, mobility-impaired individuals, the elderly, and our children.

Many streets in Ottawa are dangerous for a diverse array of users. They were originally designed for cars, making it dangerous and inconvenient to walk or bike from place to place. Elgin is the spine of Centretown - a vital connector to the heart of downtown Ottawa, and its connection to Hawthorne makes it a gateway to communities like Old Ottawa East.

Both streets could be dramatically improved with tools the City already has in its toolbox - namely, "complete streets" design principles. But like all political decisions, the City will only make changes if it knows there is public demand. We need leadership from City Hall on complete streets, but this hinges on engaged and informed community members - people who will speak up for more sidewalk space, more bike lanes, better bike connectivity and safer street design.

Elgin and Hawthorne are just two of the many streets coming up for renewal across Ottawa in the coming years. Each of these are opportunities to engage communities and speak up for safer and healthier transportation options for all users in Ottawa. Let us know if you're engaged on this issue and attending this event by clicking on this link. If you'd like to get involved in Ecology Ottawa's complete streets work, email us today. 

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