Tree Ottawa is a community-centred initiative for the Nation’s Capital to dramatically increase the scale and ecological diversity of the urban and rural tree canopy in Ottawa. Tree Ottawa is building a greener community by engaging residents, private companies and public organizations in active efforts to protect, plant and celebrate trees in neighbourhoods and green spaces.

At Tree Ottawa we believe that our natural environment is an indispensable part of the human experience that reinforces humanity’s connections to the planet on which we depend.  Here in Canada, the natural environment is practically defined by trees and the City of Ottawa rose from the timber industry to become the capital we know today. North and west of Ottawa, Canada’s Boreal forest is the largest remaining contiguous forest on the planet. In short, trees form part of the Canadian identity.

Ecology Ottawa maintains that a healthy tree canopy is essential to Ottawa’s reputation as Canada’s capital and as a livable community with one of the world’s highest quality-of-life index scores. Trees provide immeasurable ecological benefits and contribute to our psychological well-being with spaces for pause and reflection in a bustling urban capital.

Ottawa’s trees are in danger from threats including the Emerald Ash Borer, climate change, extreme weather, and poorly planned urban expansion. Sadly the City of Ottawa anticipates loosing millions of trees in just the next 3-5 years.  Now, more than ever, your help is needed to ensure a strong, stable tree population to maintain the ecological balance of Ottawa’s urban spaces.

To learn more about the Tree Ottawa initiative, check out our guide for how we are going to plant a million trees in Ottawa!

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