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1 Million Trees!

There are several ways you can promote trees in Ottawa

1. Plant Trees

huge.58.294088If you'd like to plant a tree (or trees) on your own property check out the Tree Nursery on this site for a listing of various suppliers. If you're specifically interested in a fruit tree, we recommend Hidden Harvest for a wide variety of trees available at modest cost.  If you would like to put a tree in front of your house on city property, the City of Ottawa runs the Trees of Trust program.

If you aren't familiar with the native trees best planted in the Ottawa area check out the Tree Ottawa Guide!


2. Help with a Planting Project

Tree Ottawa needs your help!  If you'd like to help plant trees but don't have room on your own property you can help with one of the many planting projects going on in Ottawa.   For details on Tree Ottawa planting events check out the Calendar on the right sidebar or  email Tree Ottawa for more information.


3. Help Fund a Planting Project

Planting projects not only need people power, they also need funding. Tree Ottawa is working with groups such as the Boy Scouts of Canada, Ottawa Community Housing, the Ottawa Community Associations and various schools. If you'd like to help fund a specific planting project Tree Ottawa will happily channel your donation accordingly. Just specify when making your donation the specific project or organization you'd like to support.


4. Become a Tree Ottawa Ambassador

The Tree Ambassadors Group includes 150 community personalities - one for each year of Canada’s 150th birthday in  2017. Tree Ambassadors pledge their personal efforts to encourage tree planting by all Ottawans.

Tree Seedling

5. Get Involved with Your Local Political Scene

Let your local representative know that you care about tree care and trees in your neighbourhood and around the city. You can do this by writing a letter or email about a particular instance in your community where the presence of trees has created a positive experience or where the lack thereof has created a negative experience.


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