Chocolate Companies: Standing Against Deforestation

Chocolate: a highly sought-after, delectable good. Some even jokingly call it a "sin," for its appeal had led astray many into the realm of gluttony. But we think there's a bigger sin at play than just indulging in endless bars of chocolate. And that's the number of forests that are destroyed and cleared in order to harvest cocoa crops.


The cocoa industry has recently been identified as a source of rainforest destruction. Forests have been completely cut down and cleared in order to plant a complete monoculture cocoa trees, all to be harvested and sold for profit. It's a problem that is contributing to the overall destruction of natural forests and habitats, all for the sake of profit.

Changes need to happen. And slowly, they are. Recently, 12 of the largest chocolate makers have joined Prince Charles' pledge to end deforestation in the cocoa industry.  Some of these companies include big names like Nestle, Mars and Ferrero. It's definitely a good step towards becoming more environmentally aware of the economy's actions on the environment, and we can only hope the actions of these brand-name companies will inspire others to do the same to stop deforestation!

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