France: First Country to Ban Plastic Dishes and Cutlery

It is evident people are becoming aware of how horrible plastic is for the environment, given the drastic shift away from using plastic bags in favour for reusable ones. Plastic dishes and cutlery have yet to be banned or frowned upon...until now.


France has announced that they will be passing a law in 2020, banning plastic dishes and cutlery, unless they are made from biodegradable materials. This is to follow up their newly administered country-wide ban on plastic bans, which took effect this July.

This law has been issued in response to the country's Energy and Green Growth Act. France is leading the way towards minimizing environmental waste, having placed shifting towards a more environmentally-concious economy as one of their top priorities.

Which country will be next to join France on their green initiative? Hopefully it won't be long before plastic is banned everywhere, and the million barrels of oil used to create it are put to other better uses!

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