From Cars to Roofs: Tesla's New Solar Roofs

Tesla: electric-powered cars. But Tesla isn't just cars anymore: it's roofs too!


Tesla's new solar roof tiles have been officially installed on various homes. These tempered glass tiles are part of Tesla's renewable energy home solution, allowing citizens with solar roof tiles installed to save on their electricity bills and global carbon emissions produced by typical electricity generation plants. The tiles are to be undergo mass production, joining the mass market by the end of 2017. Already, local and international demands have come in, demonstrating their popularity and predicted overall success.

The tiles are estimated to cost $21.85 per square foot for normal homeowners. Tesla has boasted of their tiles being of high quality, able to resist various conditions and long-lasting. As popularity increase with commercial marketing and technology continues to advance, the price is expected to drop.

It definitely would be neat to see a few of these pop up in Ottawa!

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