You can make Ottawa the leader in climate change action

Cities are at the forefront of climate change action. In Ottawa, we are building a movement of residents who care about not only fighting climate change, but also building greener, more sustainable cities. You are at the core of this movement, and now is a critical moment to come together.

The City of Ottawa is at a key juncture for action on climate change. We have the opportunity to address the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in a concrete and systemic way by changing how we heat, cool and electrify our homes, offices and other buildings. With bold leadership from the Mayor and Council, we can become a leader in the fight against climate change, but the window of opportunity for meaningful action is quickly closing.

Your support makes a difference by powering efforts to engage and mobilize Ottawa residents to call for action. Please consider donating $25, $50 or $100 today.

This October, city staff will be presenting a Renewable Energy Strategy to City Councillors. This strategy, aiming to promote renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy conservation, has been in the works since the City of Ottawa revised its Air Quality and Climate Change Protection Plan in May 2014. Unfortunately, a progress report from city staff earlier this year suggested this strategy will focus on study and planning, with no concrete action in sight.

We can't afford to waste time; climate change is an urgent issue, and we have a moral responsibility to take action. Ecology Ottawa has been calling for a real clean energy strategy - one with meaningful policy change recommendations and significant new investments, and not another plan to plan.

Since April 2017, we have mobilized communities around this issue. Your support has provided us with the materials and resources to knock on thousands of doors this summer to inform Ottawa residents of the urgent need for a real clean energy strategy. Thousands have voiced their support - you can add yours today.

We are entering the home stretch of this critical fight. Our work in the next few weeks will determine whether we will have a real clean energy strategy. Now is a critical time for us to come together, make waves and create concrete change. Will you make a contribution to this vital work?

Thank you for your support.

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