Homegrown Solar: Last Chance for MicroFIT

Bring the power of solar energy into your home.


2017 is the last year to apply for the MicroFIT program. After 8 years of encouraging the development of renewable energy technology the Government of Ontario is discontinuing MicroFIT. Make sure you send in your application before December 28th 2017 for your own micro-scale renewable energy project. For the uninitiated, the MicroFIT (feed-in tariff) program supports the development of small renewable energy projects, such as solar panel installations. Homeowners get paid for the power they produce at a guaranteed rate, earning a return on their investment and contributing to a cleaner environment. This increases production and lowers the cost of manufacturing these technologies, leading to a positive feedback loop that increases the viability of renewable energy as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Read some personal accounts from Ontario residents who participated in the MicroFIT program: http://www.carbondiet.ca/green-success-stories/solar-rooftop-success-story.html https://350orbust.com/action-not-apathy/ontarios-microfit-program-the-nitty-gritty-on-going-solar/ Of the progress towards 50 Megawatts for the microFIT 2017 procurement target, there is 14.9 Megawatts remaining. The IESO will accept applications under the MicroFIT Program up to and including Thursday, December 28, 2017, or until the 50 Megawatt procurement target is reached. This is your last chance to bring solar panels into your home in a cost-effective manner. Make Ottawa the renewable city it’s meant to be!

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