This National Forest Week, make trees an election issue

Ottawa trees and greenspaces need to be an election issue!

During this year's election period, we are calling on Ottawa residents to bring focus to the importance of our trees -- urban trees in particular -- and to celebrate them! It's vital that all candidates know how much we care about our trees and that we are willing to stand up to protect them. National Tree Week is a great opportunity to use the public stage as a way for us to support the messaging to candidates about specific actions and commitments we want to see in Ottawa.

Click here to see what the existing events are!

What are we looking for?

Passionate and engaged citizens to plan events in their communities that are centered around trees and greenspace. These would be public events and all candidates running in your ward should be invited to attend. The idea is to highlight how important trees and greenspaces are to you and their potential constituents, and to invite people to speak from the heart, as well as the head.

There are 23 Wards in the City of Ottawa, and we would love if there was at least one event in each ward! With that said, we are not limiting the amount of events people want to plan. There is a good chance there will be multiple events in multiple wards.

Interested? Here are next steps:

Is there a key Tree issue in your community? Is infill threatening your mature trees? Do you know if your parks and greenspaces are protected or slated for development? Each community in Ottawa has it's own unique battles when it comes to trees and greenspaces and the event you choose to plan will reflect that. Your event could be a walk through a local park, a tree ID session, a meet and greet at a local community hub, a walk down a street slated for resurfacing or anything in between. Past what event you plan, it's important that your event is public and that all candidates in your ward are invited. Don't know who your candidates are? Find out using Ecology Ottawa's Ward Map. Candidates' contact information are also available on the City of Ottawa website.

You event doesn't have to be a large gathering, it could be a small group of concerned citizens who want to have an in-depth conversation about how your candidates will prioritize trees and greenspace if they are elected.


  1. Organize an event during National Forest Week that invites people to learn more about trees, to celebrate them, to show our appreciation in some way.
  2. Create a Facebook Event and/or website description for your event.
  3. Register the event with Tree Action Now website.
  4. Invite your ward candidates.
  5. During your event, compose a message to your Ward candidates and send it to them with photos.
  6. Post a summary and photos afterwards.
Check what the existing events are!

How Tree Action Now can help:

  1. Suggestions for events -- tree-planting, film screening, song circle, book talk, storytelling, Tree Talks, Tree walks, "postcard to a tree".
  2. Specific resource lists and contacts for the above ideas: film titles, local singer-songwriters, etc.
  3. Calendar listing on websites.
  4. Promotion through various avenues.
  5. Contact information for the candidates in their ward.
For more information contact [email protected].

Click here to see what the existing events are!

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