Greening Your Community: Where to Begin?

Community is at the heart of the work that Ecology Ottawa does. Community partners, associations, engaged citizens, friends, and neighbours all play a part in defining important environmental and social issues in our city, and deciding how Ecology Ottawa can contribute. Two weeks ago, as part of our year-long green infrastructure (G.I.) program in Britannia, Belltown, and Crystal Bay, we held a community event to ask people what ideas they have to "green" their communities. Not only that, we explored some obstacles that people face in making more sustainable choices day-to-day and long-term. Have you been wondering what you can do at home, or in community, to reduce your impact on the Earth and its resources? Are you looking for some inspiration, or resources, to begin living a more socially and environmentally sustainable life? Unsure of where to begin?

We'd like to help you with that! Following our "Greening Your Community" event on August 14th, we transformed the participatory session notes into a two page Report. Our offering to you is a document which we hope can be a jumping off point for you and other community members across Ottawa. Ideas are important to share, write down, and discuss, so we encourage you to add to this document, or run a similar discussion session with the prompting questions!

You can download the Report in English or French (PDF) below.

With the understanding that knowledge sharing and community mobilization is of utmost importance of the work Ecology Ottawa does, we are excited to continue the conversation at our final Green Infrastructure workshop in Britannia, taking place on Sunday, September 15th from 3-5:30pm. For the first time ever, Ecology Ottawa has put into words how we do the work we do -- community organizing! Our pilot green infrastructure project in the west end has yielded many lessons about how to activate communities, and we want to share them with you! We hope to see you at the launch and celebration of our community guidebook, where we will also be handing out free tree seedlings, and at-home green infrastructure adaptations!

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