This is it. On Monday, October 21, Canadians will head to the polls and cast their votes. 

Obviously, there's a lot at stake in this federal election. The United Nations tells us we have just over a decade to limit climate catastrophe. More than ever before, the world needs national governments unafraid to take bold climate action. Canada can play this role - but only if our elected leaders know that we demand climate leadership. 

Over the course of this summer, we've been talking with thousands of you at the door about making climate change a major election priority
. We've been amazed at the level of interest and engagement. And while most of our conversations have been in suburban Ottawa, it's clear that climate change is emerging as a ballot-box issue all across the country.

Voters like you are weighing a range of factors before casting their ballots for climate leadership.

However you decide, know that your vote has power. As a supporter's home-made sign puts it, "The eyes of all future generations are upon you. Vote like their future depends on it - because it does." 

Happy voting, Ottawa!

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