Happy New Year, Ottawa! 

We hope your holiday season was relaxing and restorative. Now, it's time to get to work. There is so much to accomplish together in 2020.

Looking ahead, we're sure you see many challenges and opportunities. Share what you want to see from the city in the months and years to come.

Click here to take our 2020 Priorities Survey and set the course for a year of progress on local environmental issues. 

How can we respond to the climate crisis in a way that empowers Ottawans to take action in important local projects? What measures should we take to protect our living city - the trees, water, greenspace and living creatures that make Ottawa such a remarkable place to call home? How can we transform Ottawa to promote world-class public transportation and vibrant, walkable and bike-friendly communities?  

Let us know what matters to you. Click on the link to complete the 2020 Priorities Survey.

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